Attention, Lovely Customers!

We've noticed your excitement over our charming packaging boxes, and we're thrilled that you want to bring a bit of that magic to your orders! However, let's chat about how you can snag our adorable custom packaging:

Minimum Order Amount: To qualify for our custom packaging, your order needs to spread joy with a value of over $100.

Size Matters: Our packaging boxes are cozy and snug, just like a perfect hug! They're designed to fit items up to 13.8"x8.9"x3.9" or 35cmx22.5cmx10cm. So, please make sure your order fits within these dimensions to qualify for the our custom packaging. 

If you're unsure if your order is eligible to get our custom packaging, kindly reach out to us through email here and we will assist you right away! 

We're all about spreading smiles and making your experience delightful. If your order meets these criteria, then we will package your items with our custom box and along with some free stickers too! 

Thanks a bunch for being part of our journey!


How Our Custom Box Looks Like